Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My Creative Space

Hi happy campers. How are you all? The creative space this week has been filled with cushions, new patterns for new tops, items for mending (not underpants this week), and bits of nearly finished pieces of clothing to stare at me. If you are like me, and I feel that you are, then you are easily distracted by pretty, shiny things and also fabric.

How much time do you reckon you spend rifling through your fabric collection, smiling as you recall the day you bought it or someone gave it to you? Lots? My fabric and I often take a trip down memory lane and re-live the good old days when I thought I would actually make it into something. "Remember when I was going to make you into a skirt?" I'll say. "Yes" says the fabric. Here is one of my favourite unfinished friends....

Lovely Amy Butler fabric, my own pattern, and it nearly made it out of the sewing room this summer but stumbled at the last moment. The darts were not in the right place, and not being in the mood to move them, I chucked this one on the infamous pile of doom.

Another perfectly great fabric, another story of an unfulfilled dream.

Mmmm. Another one. I don't want you to think I'm a choker. I often finish things, it's just that I start them more frequently. How exciting is the starting part? And yet how boring is the bit in the middle when something stuffs up and you have to unpick and do it again?

Anyway, I rarely give up totally, and when I finally get my act together, my fabric and I can get on with our lives....hope you are finishing lots of projects this week and maybe starting one or two as well.


  1. Another great post, loved hearing about you & your fabric friends. I'd like to be there sometime while you are all chatting. Does your beloved catch you sometimes? I can just see the look on his face...
    hope you are having a happy day Lotes, it was ace dancing with you in the playground this morning !! xo

  2. I make such an effort these days to finish things. It doesn't come naturally. I think that is why blogging has been so good for me... that final bit of inspiration to finish. Like you I am naturally so much better at starting. I'm an ideas girl.