Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My Creative Space

It's knitting time!! Now that the weather has turned, it is definitely time to get out the knitting needles and get creating. Recently, Kate, reminded me of the wonderful Bendigo Woollen Mills and their range of goodies available online. I used to buy wool from them quite a few years ago, when you used to have to actually fill in a form and send it away. I had forgotten what great value they are and how it is all Australian made and fabulous. Also, the added bonus is the sensational patterns you can purchase and how extremely attractive the male models are. Mmmm.I used to be mostly into knitting patterns with different colours (instarsia?)
But I'm into cables a lot more lately

I must tell you about my knitting tragedy of a few years ago, which even now I can work myself up about if I think about it too hard. A few years ago we moved back to Australia from overseas and only one of our boxes went missing.....but in that box was all my knitting wool (about 30-40 balls), all my knitting needles (about 20 different sizes), and some lovingly half finished (typical) jumpers, cushion covers and other bits. Some of the wool was beautiful quality Rowan yarn, which is like the Rolls Royce of wool. Can you feel my pain? Anyway, I spent about a year hoping the box would find its' way back to me before finally accepting my loss ...there are 5 stages to grief I think....and now I have moved on .Or have I?
Anyway, happy knitting or whatever else you are working on, and also hi to my gorgeous sister Weens. Are you still reading my blog, Ween???


  1. Hey Lotes! loving the wool story, well not loving, but crying really. What a bummer. Why wasn't it the box with Brendan's collection of vintage firearms that went missing? So unfair. Hey, I tried clicking on your link over at Kooyotoo but it didn't work...technical diffs?
    Love ya xo

  2. Oh, that IS a tragedy. Where did it go, I wonder? Is there a wool-specific Bermuda Triangle? I am sorry for your loss. :(

    Yet again, I feel inspired to learn how to knit. Yours is amazing.

  3. Such inspiration... one day maybe I'll be as talented as you... if only i got off this computer and started practicing! xo m.

  4. Their wool really is excellent value and so lovely to work with. ...but I can feel your pain. Awful. Absolutely awful. You'll need on going therapy for that for sure... I hear BWM offer excellent services by way of their yarns!!!

  5. RIP box of knitting things :o(
    Gotta love the male model and his natty vest....
    Looking forward to seeing the progression of your knitting adventures.
    Ab x

  6. Did you knit the piece in the first pic? It's beautiful! & the coloured one down further. That's so clever. I can do cables but have never tried knitting with lots of colours on the go at once. Seems to hard so those pieces are awesome!