Friday, May 7, 2010

Field of Women..and some blokes too

Hi ladies...just wanted to report about my great experience last night at the Field of Women event at the MCG. I went along with my stepmother and her friends, who had lost their lovely friend Kaye 6 weeks ago because of breast cancer, and also I know of two women who have had breast cancer over the last couple of years in their late 30's.
I hadn't thought much about the event before hand as I was expecting to be cold, wet, and in need of a hot pie, but it was truly wonderful. Not only was it great to experience the solidarity and positiveness of 14,000 women, but also to know that the mood was so hopeful when many of the women there either have, or have had breast cancer was amazing. When Kate Cebrano belted out You'll Never Walk Alone there was not a dry eye in the place.
Also we got to hold these little pink flashing lights while all the giant lights were put out at the MCG, so the overhead picture was the image of a huge flickering pink a giant Christmas tree in the shape of a big pink woman. My description doesn't do it justice of course.
Also it was great to see many blokes there, 100 of whom were in blue to represent the men who are affected by breast cancer every year, but most of them were proudly wearing hot pink. They even kept their pink ponchos on when all the other blokes turned up for the footy. It's a very practical and fetching garment, I'm telling you!
Anyway, I recommend it to everyone as a great fundraising event, but also a really moving experience. Go next time people ( ! Or at least buy a pink bun from Baker's Delight........tasty!

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  1. Sounds like a great evening. ...and didn't the Melbourne Footy team look good in there pink socks?