Monday, May 17, 2010

Men of the Mill Special Edition!!!

Hi all....last post I mentioned how I have been re-introduced to the wonderful Bendigo Woollen Mills and it seems I have found something else in the website which is proving to be of interest....Yes, I have been browsing the slightly retro looking patterns but have mostly found myself wondering about The Men of the Mill. Everything just looks so chirpy in Mill-Land, especially for Chad (above) the most popular of all the men.
The Men of the Mill are also very caring towards their women folk, respecting their need to be intimate and cuddle up to the woollen wonderfulness.

This is Miles...he's a little young for my taste but then he does pull off that snappy pose just like the Opal Menswear men of the 1980's. Better even.

This is Rafael, and while I'm not sure about the colour of his sweater, he couldn't look more relaxed or sensible, and his hair is ruffled quite nicely indeed.
This is the ever popular Chad again. This pose is not only comfortable, but confident and masculine as well. Chad could achieve anything he puts his pretty mind to with his semi-casual attire and his left arm held casually in front of his torso....he's ready for anything, from a quick game of table tennis to a spot of grocery shopping.
But don't just take my word for it...check out all the guys at


  1. Oh my.............

    Seriously. I don't know what to say!

    Snorty laughing in this househld :o)

  2. Too funny!
    I'm not happy with the folk at the mill today. Seems they don't sell any red cotton any more and I NEED more. Seriously red!!

  3. Thanks for the laughs! I love Chad the best, although Rafael is pretty hunky too. Ace post Lotes xo