Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My Creative Space

Hope you have all had a creative week. I thought I would show you one of my fabrics called, imaginatively, Mexican Hearts, which was inspired by, well, mexican hearts. One of my many obsessions is with mexican tin art.

I love everything about it...the colours, the designs, and the folky look of it.

I also love the whole Day of the Dead clebration they have on the 5th May (soon) and all the artwork that depicts skeletons and creepy stuff. It is great to be so festive about death...a strange concept for most of us. This candle holder (above) is the sort of thing my husband loves when it turns up. "Great. I was just thinking that we needed a creepy candle holder in the house." He's so supportive of my interior decorating!

This is a top I finished last week made from my fabric. I'm still mucking around with the pattern a little bit, but it is wearable. I am working on a long sleeve winter shirty type thing at the moment so I hope I get that organised for next week. I was also going to take a photo of my mexican tin cactus decorations which we put on the Christmas tree, but then we would be getting into a whole nother obsession of mine...Christmas decorations......Happy creating!


  1. Great design. Love your top.

  2. Gorgeous fabric...and lovely top too! Hope you have a happy weekend :)

  3. Hey Fipps, loving the top, I like the added trim around the neck too. I love discovering things I didn't know about you on your blog, talk about hidden depths! Who knew you were so crazy about Mexican death art?? That's what I'm calling it anyway, certainly a little creepy, poor hubby xo

  4. Love your fabric - it's not easy to print such a detailed design - well done! Nic

  5. I love your husband's comment about your candle holder. That's exactly the sort of thing my husband would say.