Sunday, April 18, 2010


What perfect weather we have had this week-end. I know that nothing makes you sound more boring and middle aged than banging on about the weather, just like talking about diseases and medication means you have definitely hit your senior years. But anyway, the weather was sensational and perfect for walkies around our beautiful town of Daylesford. All we were missing was a dog, which hopefully we will do something about in the near future. Hey, here's a picture of me and my daughter Matilda. She may feel weird about being posted on a blog, but since there are only 4 of you out there I think it's fine. You may be thinking, "wow that chick is creative doing all that fancy stuff with a photo". Perhaps you are not thinking that at all. I had nothing to do with the pop art nature of the picture as we had it taken at the Brisbane Art Gallery a couple of years ago and that's just how it came out. It was a little thing you could do as part of the Andy Warhol exhibition they had at the time. I told you I like arty farty stuff.

This week I am going to the National Gallery of Victoria to see an exhibition called Drape, about , well stuff that is draped. As in clothing. Hopefully it will be good, and if it is any good I will share that with you next time.
By the way, thanks to Kate who is my fourth reader and I will attempt to do a link to Kate's blog about her organic farm now.
OK time for bed now. I'm going to pour the hot water bottles for the nippers...we like our creature comforts around here!! Bye


  1. I love that photo! You both look so cool and retro. Well, retro anyway.... Yes the weather has been superb, how was the paddle boating? Loving the blog action Lotes, keep up the good work xo

  2. Look at you putting in links and your blog is not even a week old. I swear that bit took me ages to get the hang of.
    I'm off to ask Mr Google about Drape. Thanks for the heads up.
    Have a great week.

  3. You have been holding out on me with your beautiful fabric!!! Love the photo - you both look fantastic.

  4. Cool photo. Welcome to Blogland Phillipa! It was nice to meet you last week. Looking forward to the next wine and craft night.
    Oooh look I put wine first, wonder what that means subconciously :o)