Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My Creative Space

Hi everyone. My creative space this week is a real mess, as you will see below. I thought I would share how untidy I can be when I am trying to get something made, and I am hoping that you can relate to this scenario...

It's not pleasant, I know, but I can be a creative pig and spread my bits and pieces over the widest possible space. Aren't most people like this when they are having a moment of creative zen? I hope so. I think the most offensive thing about this mess is the pair of black underpants thrown on the floor waiting to be mended.

Don't worry, they are clean. I can't bear to throw away a pair of unders or socks for that matter, which just need a few stitches carefully placed in the right location.

In fact, many years ago I had a reputation as a professional underpants mender. I used to run a small dressmaking business sewing all sorts of garments from brideslave dresses to taking up pants for really short people. I did have one bizarre customer who used to bring me some strange repair jobs, which I would do for her, but then the jobs became increasingly odd. She began to bring me tea-towels and facewashers with holes in them to repair ( I would tell her to buy new ones. Obviously) and then one fateful day she bought me a pair of her underpants. She wanted the elastic rethreaded. By me. Natually I jumped at the chance! No, I didn't, and I realised that she was just pretty lonely and had a few kangaroos loose in the top paddock. She would continue to bring me strange offerings, and I would say no, then we would have a chat and she would be on her way. I did tell a few friends about this and I immediately became known as a gifted underpants mender , somtimes receiving packages in the mail with old underpants in them, with only the stubborn understains holding them together (As the say on the Young Ones, which is back in tele, by the way)

These cushions are what I am making when I'm not mending undies!

Hope you all have a creative day and long may your underpants hold together!


  1. Just the word underpants cracks me up. Let alone a photo of a lone pair on your sewing room floor...were they thrown there is a fit of passion? The story of your devoted fan is so bizarre, do you keep in touch with UnderPants Lady? I'm glad to know there is somewhere to turn if I find my elastic getting saggy...xo

  2. Hilarious. You have some very mean friends sending you those underpants to mend, even as a joke! I know where to come next time the other half hands me a pair of his lycra bike pants with holes in the bum worn through!

  3. Love the undies!! My hubby hangs onto undies until they are ....well obscene!! Hope you cushion making went well :)