Monday, April 12, 2010


Hello world,

It's me, Phillippa. Welcome to my blog, which I have to say, I have resisted setting up for quite a while. A few of my friends are bloggers, and although I love reading theirs and others (which I will get to in the next post) I have always thought blogging would be like doing homework.

Do I need more stuff to do in my life? Probably not. However, I have started designing and printing fabric and I have been convinced that a blog is almost compulsory in the craft and business world, so here I am.

Mostly my blog will be about my creative pursuits....fabric, clothes, homewares....and attempting to make these things in a sustainable and non sweat-shop type way. It will probably also be about other stuff too, so hang in there people. There may be the odd whinging session about those close to me, my insightful comments on reality TV and its contribution to the cultural landscape, and stuff I like to eat. Mmmm fascinating.

Anyway, it must be time for a photo because who wants to read a heap of writing anymore?? Attempting to insert photo now.......
Whoops...the photo is up the top of the page. Not sure why that happened but i will figure it all out eventually. The picture is one of my fabric prints, not a self portrait or anything.
So that's it for today. Talk to you soon, even if there is nobody out there....
Phillippa xox


  1. Welcome to blogland!!! I'm so excited! Loved your first post and can't wait for more. No luck with the photo? Give me a call xo

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