Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My Creative Space

Hello creative types out there. This is my first participation in this fantastic idea of sharing creativity. I only found out about the whole shebang from my associate and friend Beck a couple of days ago, and what a ripper idea it is. So anyway, here's some creativity for you......

This is a cushion made out of one of my fabric designs called peacock (surprisingly). It was printed by the clever people at ink & spindle in Melbourne on bamboo /cotton fabric, and naturally they are for sale at
my etsy shop.

In my fantasies (not those type of fantasies, the other kind) I would love to have fabric printed in a million different colours....some of which you can see here. At the moment, though, due to cost factors, global financial issues and the value of the dollar I am sticking to one colour prints.

The idea for this print came from a drinking straw that we acquired at the ice-cream shop at Point Lookout on Stradbroke Island in Qld. My friend's son ordered a whopping milkshake with an ace straw that had a paper peacock which folded out. I guess you had to be there to get the full impact, but at the time it made an impression on me. "Jeez that's a nice looking straw" I thought to myself.

Anyway, I'm quite exhausted now from typing and uploading images, and just from being over 40, frankly, so I will say good-night. Thanks to my 3 loyal followers (Charlotte, Beck and Michelle)


  1. You did it! Hooray and welcome to blogland! LOVE the peacock, I'm much more of a brown girl than a fluro girl so the cost factors are working in my favour. Looking forward to your next post. Now you have three followers. X

  2. Phillippa you are going places fast!! I love this post, great peacock straw story. It's lovely to see you and your creative space today, wow!! Well done xo

  3. I really like your peacock design, they're a favourite birdie of mine, esp in that black/blue colourway :)

  4. p.s. welcome!! Thursdays are the best

  5. I just tripped upon your blog and was sad to see your etsy shop is empty, your fabrics are amazing!