Wednesday, September 22, 2010

It's an Obsession....

Not much to report on the creative front this week, due to pesky kids on school holidays (so not my fault at all), but I find that almost any void in my life can be filled with the glorious world of men's retro knitwear. This has become quite a regular fixation of mine, but what's not to love? How can anyone not bask in the glory of tight singlet man (above)? How can we not wonder if he is her boyfriend (creepy) or perhaps her father, and his wife is at home whipping up knitted singlets for the whole family as we speak?
How can anyone resist the simmering sexuality behind 70's knitwear photoshoots? After all, this bloke (above) is not wearing a stitch of knitwear, and later on he clearly wants her knitwear off too.....
What is this dude whispering in her ear? "I'm in room 69....I'll leave the door open" or " sorry, my belt buckle is stuck to the back of your soft crew neck sweater". The guy below is not so subtle. Is it just me or is he definitely interested in more than just her backhand and her snappy vest? The face is up the top, buddy!

This guy is in his natural environment. He's clearly a very clean farmer, just finished harvesting for the day and now relaxing in a bed of straw....but not even a bunch of carrots can save him from looking desperate. Not with that blow-wave and turtle neck. Where is the female knitwear model for him to nuzzle and show his carrots to?
Hope you are all having a creative moment this week. For many more creative moments have a look at Kirsty's xoxoxox


  1. I could feast my eyes on this smorgasbord (?) of 70"s lover boys (and girls) all day. Teamed with your keen observations it's a match made in heaven. Thanks for the laughs Lotes, keep em coming xo (Walks in QLD)

  2. Oh my god! Who would have thought knitwear could possibly be so saucy? Wandering hands and eyes everywhere! And that's some damn big carrots that fella's got!!!

  3. LOL!! SO funny! Thank you for the walk back in time!