Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Is This Creative??

Spring is finally here and it has been perfect weather to be out in the garden. Does that count as creative? The beautiful Australian wattle has been out in force. It always amazes me as it looks like a million tiny pom poms up close.
I've also been buying great flowers at bargain prices at the Farmer's Market. The leucadendrons (above) were $2.50, and the tulips below were $5 a bunch. How's that for bargainicious??? I have been growing my own tulips, but sadly Rusty the hound from hell has been finding them very tasty and they are all in shreds.

How beautiful are these of my favourite colours of all time I think.

I always feel bad if I haven't whipped up something amazing to post about, but between school holidays and keeping kids occupied, and being distracted by sunny days and a puppy I have made nothing!! Nothing! So hopefully these pretty pictures will distract you from the lack of content this time. Here is another pretty picture of the family out walking in the Australian bush down the road from here at Hepburn Springs.....
Hope you have been enjoying the sun and making more stuff than me! xox


  1. Looking at that wattle makes my eyes water and am running for a tissue...! Very creative photography but I'd like a little more of an 80's take on it, could you dress up Brendan in something woolly and have him holding the flowers while you stare poignantly into the distance? Cigars would work well too xo

  2. yes, taking photos of beautful flowers is creative. Full of inspiration for patterns and colours too! Thanks for sharing : )

  3. Agree with Chantal :-) And i love fresh flowers always :-)