Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My Creative Space

Last night was the opening (and closing) night of the Big School Play 2010!!!! Wow!!
A ripple of excitement spread through the crowd as the lights went down......and the show began!! Here is my gorgeous Matilda as The Red Queen from the slightly re-named Grace in Wonderland. We had a lot of fun making her costume from an old Halloween Dress (the black bits) and her previous play costume (the red bits), so the Creative Space this week was full of costumey-type construction......
Everything in the costume was pretty much recycled, including the shoes from the Op Shop. We did buy some new false eyelashes, but I guess we didn't want to buy any pre-loved ones. Unless they belonged to someone cool, like Liza Minelli or other experienced false eyelash wearers.

As you can probably work out, George is not so willing to pose (he was trying to get into character), but he looked like a pretty decent pirate. Maybe a little cleaner and less smelly and with better dental care, but otherwise very piratey.
Hope you have been making lots of goodies this the way, Rusty says Hi. Or Woof!
Have a look here at Kirsty's place for lots of creative geniuses!


  1. Oh goodness what a great costume and fab recycle at that!

  2. Hey Phipps, plenty of excellent red head action in this post, but where is Julia? Loved Matilda's costume & George looks pretty damn handsome too. Shame there wasn't any Bongo Macarena shots...oh well, a girl can dream x

  3. She looks amazing!
    So ace to finally get a look at those cute kidlets of yours.
    Hope you all weren't too hung over from all the excitement today.

  4. I reckon I'd make a secondhand eyelash exception for Liza's falsies!