Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My Creative Space

For a while now my creative space has been taken up with teaching myself Adobe Illustrator. I'm sure lots of you smarty pants creative people have been using it for a long time, but we only bought it a few months ago so I am a late bloomer. I borrowed 2 books from the library, and I have renewed them about 20 times now as I have slowly worked through most of the lessons.
It is quite amazing, once you get the hang of it, and although these patterns are fairly simple ones, I am working on a few more complicated things as I get more cleverer. I know that's not a real word by the way, just in case you think that I think that it is a real word. It has been hard learning something totally new like this though, but good for the brain....
It reminds me of when I used to take flying lessons when I was 26 (feel free to tune out for a while). It is a big workload for your brain and it feels like you can't possibly remember to do everything at once. How can I steer, and look at the wind, and think about the flaps, and maintain speed, and get off the ground ? It was the same with Illustrator, but now that I have persisted it all makes sense. The only problem is that, just like watching Chilean miners being pulled out of the ground and getting emotional, I could do it all day and not do anything else.
Can't wait to see what you more productive types have been up to at Kirsty's xoxoxox


  1. Lovely creations, and exciting that you are mastering a new skill.

  2. I like the patterns and acquiring new skills is always good :-)

  3. Not me! I'm not really even sure what Adobe Illustrator is so you can feel highly superior to me. Love, love, love what your doing with it though.
    ps my word verification is holdbra...hmmm...interesting.

  4. These are beautiful, you have done such a great job!

  5. Love the patterns! Wonderful use of colour.

  6. Flying lessons? You are a dynamic woman Ms Pip. I love the designs so keep at it xx