Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My Creative Space

Creativity is spurting out all over the place this week, making a big mess on the carpet. (I hope you found that a little bit rude and funny, because I did). I always feel in awe of my fellow craft groupers and the amount of stuff they make, but this week I can hold my head up. The cold weather helps. If you have read one of the great books called Handmade in Melbourne by Jan Phyland and Janet de Silva you will know why.

The introduction by Adam Elliot (who makes clay animation movies) talks about how he went to a conference at the Gold Coast and hardly anyone turned up, despite registering beforehand. His theory was that it was a beautiful day and everyone was at the beach, which is exactly where I would be....
But since the weather is hideous there are ponchos to be knitted (thanks to my reluctant model, above), tops to be sewn even though they are for summer....

......and quilts to finish the edging on.

There are also yummy biscuits to be made by the gorgeous Matilda (see the one at the start of the post) and eaten by me. That is one of problems with the cold actually. The snacking becomes so frequent that the meals all blend into each other and shipments of red wine have to be ordered in to keep up the spirits. Now I'm going to snoop around and see what you've all been up to......Bye xoxox


  1. I like the wonky grin on that biscuit, it sort of sums up how I'm feeling lately! Befuddled, but smiling through the pain. Thanks for your cheery message fellow trucker, it conjured up visions of semi trailers and rubber duckies. Keep up the good creative work honey, may the juices continue to flow..and spurt..xo

  2. Well now I'll expect to see that gorgeous poncho modelled in person for the next catch up...It looks so great - I love it. That lovely deep red mmmm, tis lovely. I hope your creative 'jus' continues to flow and spurt unabated - ......Peta

  3. A welcome sight, a happy (and edible) face. The vibrant red poncho looks lovely. ps. Thankyou for your kind words :)