Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My Creative Space

How is everybody?? My creative space was invaded over the last 2 weeks by the part of my life that earns money. I hate it when that happens!! At this time of year, anyone who is a teacher or lives with a teacher is surrounded by stuff that looks a bit like this.

Either that or they are writing reports and getting a bit snippety and tense. Anyway, since my time has been directed elsewhere there is bugger all to report on the creative front. That means I will just have to show you other people's great achievements and feel slightly inadequate.

The knitted skirt and the LOVE blanket at the top are both from a gorgeous book called Greetings from Knit Cafe by Suzan Mischer. It is written about a shop in Los Angeles, that as the name suggests, is a wool shop and a cafe and also a place for people to get together and knit. Sounds like heaven to me! Luckily, I have been included in our own local version of heaven which is our Daylesford craft group (catchy name). On Monday we met at the Peppers Resort in Hepburn Springs in front of the fire with drinky-poos from the bar, and crafty stuff on laps. How lucky are we?

I hope you have all done lots more than me over the last 2 weeks, and that you are sewing / knitting in contentment. If you are stuck for ideas, I will have to send Nursie (from Naughty Needles) around to see you !


  1. Knitting a super skanky, super cool bikini to wear to Vino-Stitch (my name for the Daylesford ladies who craft) might make you feel crafted up in between doing reports.
    See you in craftland,

  2. You always manage to sneak a bit of the raunch factor into your posts, Lotes, and that is what keeps me coming back. Never mind the reports and lack of've still got it babe! Hey, I'm liking the Vino-Stitch's very in keeping with the cultural heritage of the area. And it could deviate into Wino-Stitch after a really big session xo

  3. Good luck with your report writing!