Thursday, July 22, 2010

Meet Rusty

Is this a cute pup, or what?

Rusty is the newest member of our family, and has a bit of an identity crisis. He is part fox terrier, part jack russell, part pomeranian, and part chiuaua so we are expecting multiple personalities. A bit like the United States of Tara but with less swearing. We think he is pretty cute and we have had him for nearly a week, which we are celebrating tomorrow with a visit to the vet and a big, fat needle. I haven't told him yet.
Matilda and I are teaching Rusty to knit and so far it is going pretty well! He likes yellow and is working on a free form type of garment at the moment. We have wanted a dog for so long, but for many years we lived a nomadic Army life and it didn't seem fair to have dog. Also we knew some doggy families living in Army houses who had to pay for new turf or new carpet before moving onWe looked around at dog pounds for a while as well, but in the end some friends of ours found out their dog was up the duff, and the rest is history!
Thought I had better throw a bit of craft in, since this is not a doggy blog(gy). This bag is from a book called Bags That Rock by a girl called Kelley who is the lead singer of a band called The Breeders. If you didn't know that Knitting and Felting were the grooviest, most rocken activities on the planet, well you do now! Also they go perfectly with private suburban loungeroom can bust out the latest moves and then knit in between songs. See, I think of everything. Happy making and grooving!


  1. I'm pretty sure there is a rule that says you have to bring your new puppy to craft group. I'm sure Peppers won't mind.... He's SO CUTE!

  2. Oh my goodness, what a little cutie!

  3. He is about 5 kinds of cute Phill!! Bet you are completely smitten.